Tons of Irish Girls Are on OnlyFans and Here’s Why

Have you ever heard of

It’s a social media platform but it’s way different compared to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. On Facebook, you’re free to view someone’s profile but on OnlyFans, you might need to pay a certain fee to see the profile of the person you want to follow.

I even checked OnlyFans’ FAQ area and it clearly stated that contents you upload on your profile will stay hidden until the point of purchase.

For instance, I tried following Eva Elfie on OnlyFans but it prompted me to enter my desired payment method to get a subscription.

I guess you’re now wondering why you should pay money to follow people online. Well, that’s because you’ll be seeing some good stuff in their profiles. By good stuff, I mean explicit content that you can use during down time.

Unlike Instagram and Facebook that only allows nudity in art or as a form of protest, OnlyFans encourages its members to post revealing images. Some are even uploading buck naked photos. The platform even allows x-rated videos but with a few restrictions.

The subscription fee can help establish control and privacy among users. It’s also used to pay for the people behind the profiles who are posting explicit stuff.

That said, it’s no surprise that a lot of Irish girls resort tocreating accounts on OnlyFans to earn cash.

Why are there a lot of Irish girls on OnlyFans?


Due to booming rents and higher cost of living, many Irish girls looked at OnlyFans as an unconventional way to earn money.

As a matter of fact, this social media website has increased popularity over the past year because it offered people an advantageous and lucrative gig. OnlyFans allows its users to subscribe to various content creators to see their live-streams, pics, and vids.

Although this site is used to host gym workouts and make-up tutorials, it’s more popularly known for hosting explicit sexual content. I think it became appealing to many people because it helped them avoid the risks of traditional sex work. If you become a creator on this platform, you can control both your content and your income.

According to an Irish OnlyFans creator, the site offered her more independence than other jobs as she was able to work on her own schedule. I guess this is more advantageous to people who have an illness or disability that prevents them from working full time.

So yeah, one of the good things in working on OnlyFans is you canwork around your own schedule. Say goodbye to your dreary 9 to 5 job.

As it rose to popularity, even famous influencers and celebrities started using it. Well, I can’t blame them as it’s physically safer than having a sugar daddy or doing actual sex work. But of course, it can still come with risks.

Originally, plenty of Irish girls started setting up their account on OnlyFans to pay their bills and their rent, especially during those times when they didn’t have a guaranteed income.

You might want to take note that it’s an unpredictable and unstable industry. I heard some people have a lot of income during the first few months but plummeted to zero cash in the following months.

What are the downsides of OnlyFans?


When I did further research about this social media platform, I learned that the creators don’t earn as much as what people think.

On top of that, many people have ventured into this career completely naive about the risks and consequences they may encounter.

If you’re planning to work with children in the future, chances are, you might be disqualified if they knew that you were an OnlyFans creator. This information might also pop up during background checks when you’re applying for government jobs or emigrating.

I guess students in those fields I mentioned might need to think thoroughly before making a decision that might ruin their plans in the future. I know that the cash may be used to pay for university, but they might end up re-planning their entire future if they don’t think it through. Your decision might not affect you today but it may in the long run.

When I knew about these risks, I just thought that the girls should be extra careful. However, according to the Irish creator I talked to, you can never be careful enough on OnlyFans. No one is exempted from the risks that come with the job.

The longer you work on OnlyFans, the more likely your content will be leaked. What’s even worse is it might not be 100% sure that you can entirely remove your nudes on the Web. Well, what can I say, I’m even guilty of saving x-rated stuff on my computer and re-uploading them.

It’s also possible that your family members, friends, neighbors, or even your boss might discover your OnlyFans account. That can be an awkward situation for you.

The worst-case scenario is you might be fired, gossiped about, or kicked out from your family home. Some people might even leak your x-rated materials locally.

Unfortunately, those are inevitable things that you should accept when you decide to be a creator on OnlyFans. Some creators even experienced doxxing. It’s where someone leaks your name and location online together with identifying photos.

Sadly, the authorities might not be a big help when this happens. I heard that they might only tell you that you shouldn’t have joined OnlyFans in the first place. But Irish girls can only choose between their safety or being able to eat and pay the rent.

I learned that the police can only intervene if the doxxing has resulted in assault, stalking, or even worse. It might seem harmless at first but I knew of some cases where the creators faced dangerous situations.

What safety measures can you follow when you’re on OnlyFans?


The majority of Irish people on OnlyFans only started creating explicit content in exchange for cash when they struggled paying their lease while studying in a university. They had no other choice but to join OnlyFans despite the risks that come with it.

Luckily, there are some safety measures now that can keep your stay on OnlyFans safe. With the help of some Irish creators, a group chat was created which became some sort of union. The group chat offered a supportive community for everyone regardless of gender.

If you’re going to ask me, this is a big step to protecting the creators on OnlyFans, especially the beginners. I heard that some began with little to no support. So it’s really nice to know that there are other people that’ll be looking out for you on the platform.

In the group chat, the creators warn each other about scammers and dangerous individuals. So if you’re sure about entering online sex work, this can be a big help for you and your security.

Here’s my final say

Being on OnlyFans isn’t a temporary life choice so you might want to accept its underlying risks. However, don’t be discouraged as I’ve heard a lot of success stories on this website. All you have to do is to be well-informed about what this site is all about.

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