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How Much Money do Cam Girls Make?

Pretty faces don’t have to work for anything, right? Well, most but not all of them. But if you’re one of the girls who do, you might be thinking of that cam girl money.

If you are one of those who plan to make a career out of camming, you might want to know first if you have what it takes to make enough money to do it as your day job.

How do you make money as a cam girl? How much money do they make? We’ve tried gathering some intel from actual cam girls. We’ll keep things general as much as possible to give you a better point of evaluation

How cam girls make money

how cam girls make money

The first thing you have to understand is that there isn’t an exact figure. A bunch of factors affects how much money a cam girl can make.

Webcam models can demand higher rates once they gain enough following or if they are bringing in clout with them on the platform. Basically, it’s their loyal followers’ way of showing support.

Camgirl’s money isn’t limited to webcam shows. You get to expand to new channels once the sustainable income comes in. Just like any business that sees potential on new offerings.

It can be a cutthroat market for them too because all are attractive and beautiful in their own unique ways. Two similar beauties will need to up their game when it comes to offerings otherwise, people will prefer their peers.

Here are some points that will affect your earnings, income, and how much money you make if you are a camming model.

Working your way there

Modeling is a passion-based job. You usually either start with a normal day job to sustain it or be a lazy rich kid who would rather flaunt their looks rather than do real work.

What are we saying here? You won’t instantly be earning thousands of dollars per month. You’ll have to work your way towards even just $100 per day.

Still, being a cam girl is an easy job compared to a 9-5. A cam girl can earn around $200 to $1000 per day by going live for just 3-5 hours.

The bigger names can make around $50,000 to 100,000 per month. When we say bigger names, we mean pornstars and other types of semi-public figures like social media personalities.

Also, it’s like entrepreneurship where there will be days that you are zero and there will be days where you can make more than your average daily quota.

It depends on the platform

Another factor to consider is the platform you are streaming on. You may be able to charge a higher asking price but that means a bigger chunk too when a platform takes its commission.

The sad part for beginners is that regardless of how much money they make, the platform can take as much as 35% or more. So, using that number, you can say that for if you made $100 for a day, you’re only banking in $65.

All platforms do this. Even sites as wholesome as YouTube takes away a huge chunk via their partner program. Basically, you spend on production more than you earn from it.

Still, with the right amount of hustle and strategy, the platform wouldn’t matter. You can still bank up to $50,000 a month or more as a cam girl.

Important factors that affect their earnings

First is face value obviously. The prettier you are, the more chances of being watched by people looking for a new face to subscribe to.

Specific services are important because being a one-trick pony in this industry will cost you. Being a jack of all trades might too. It’s better to be known as a master in one trick rather than being able to do multiple tricks but can’t do correctly.

Then, there’s the amount of time you spend streaming live. The longer you stay on the platform, the more chances for you to earn. Just make sure you are being efficient with your stream time. There is a chance where a subscriber can drop a $1000 tip towards the end after three hours straight with no income.

Last but not least is knowing your target market. You can’t simply jump into the broad, aiming to please the entire universe. You have to start with certain demography or niche.

Of course, they have to invest in on the best webcams for cam girls to make sure the stream quality is high.

Where the real money is at

One popular camgirl shared with us that she is her platform’s top earner as she makes around $5 per minute. She also admitted that she was already coming in with a huge fan base which helped boost her credibility.

Certain camgirl said that tips are just supplemental and that the real money is in private sessions. She mentioned how her unique blend of dances into borderline sexual stunts is her unique offering.

The best camgirls can go straight to the chase with a scheduled private session. These girls can earn up to $50,000 per month on that alone. Just enough to do it full time, right?

It’s the fetish models, vixens, and vets that make some serious coin just by camming. Their description alone makes an average of $20 to 200 per hour based on experience.

Of the three, it’s the fetish models that get to spend more since they require more props than the rest. The vixens are the ones that earn more since they are the fresher faces. Vixens carry their current rate until they become vets.

More ways cam girls can make money

cam girl social media

Like we said, cam girls rely on clout. It’s either they are taking it into webcamming or taking it out of there. In short, it’s not their only revenue stream. They have other means too.

For instance, if a cam girl is a stripper by night, then she can use a few more hours to earn a little extra to supplement for rent and utilities. That one is just an example. It can be any job we are talking about.

You can’t rely purely on being a cam girl. It’s still better to find ways to make money even when the cameras are turned off. It’s called passive income.

Cam girls find affiliate programs where they can make money in their sleep. They can even afford to skip a day or two of streaming with the right affiliate. All they need to do is change their marketing links to affiliate links.

Another is endorsements. Cam girl money can be in-stream or outside streams on their social media accounts. This one is very common since most successful cam girls admit that they earn more from affiliate marketing and product endorsements rather than the actual cam girl money.

Of course, there are also investments. Those who make a decent amount of money tend to prepare for their exit strategy too by investing it in small businesses up to a certain time that they either can let go of webcamming or have an additional passive income stream.

How much do cam girls really make?

We already mentioned a number of important factors that affect the figures. Some can make as low as $5 if you are either not taking it seriously or aren’t just cut for it.

Of course, most of them make thousands of dollars just because sex sells. We can’t give a specific number but at least we can set your expectations in order for you not to make foolish career decisions.

If you are asking if there is money in being a webcam model, we can say that yes, there is indeed money in camming. It requires a ton of persistence and smarts. Well, you can add a golden parachute to that as well for those with a plethora of daddy money to spend.

Just keep in mind that it isn’t easy money like it looks. There’s a ton of unseen hardships that need to be done.

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