How FansRevenue is Turning your Social Media Following into a Money Maker

“Let’s say you post something, and (snapping her fingers) two hours later, you check your account, you got the money!” Texas Patti

Out of the mouth of babes!

Truer words could not describe how easy it is to make money promoting brands on social media. You’ve got the content, you got the following, you’ve got the engagement rates… The only thing missing is the paycheck that could come from all of it.

Well, FansRevenue thought about everything! Creating a platform for brands and influencers looking to increase their revenue, they simplified the concept of affiliate marketing and made it accessible to content creators and advertisers across industries.

With a user-friendly app, content creators/influencers can create an account and connect it to their social media accounts in less than two minutes. Advertisers, however, have to sign up on the website and wait to be contacted by someone from the FansRevenue team. The app’s loading speed is quick, with no glitches or error messages popping up telling you your profile is incomplete. People can create their accounts and finish their profiles later. They can also browse through offers right away.

So what kind of offers can you find on FansRevenue? Quite a few. There are offers from brands in the adult industry just like there are some from personal healthcare sites. From CBD products to dating sites, you can decide what seems to align more with your brand and go from there.

Offers are incredibly easy to understand. No legal jargon or paragraphs in fine print. Just by clicking on a brand’s logo, you can see if you qualify to promote it, and how much you can make doing so. Is it pay per post or commission? Will the company have to approve my content before I post it? Do I have enough followers? All the infois in the offer, and if you do qualify to promote a brand, you have to be approved before you start posting. That way, you don’t commit by just clicking on a green button.

“ I’m hardly even doing anything. If I post [a promotional link], I have it pinned on my Twitter… I just leave it there… It’s so easy!” Katie Kush

Wait! Let’s get practical. What about the dough?

Content creators get paid through Paxum, an international e-wallet similar to Paypal that facilitates EFT transfers at the lowest cost. Payments are made on a monthly basis, and users can track their payment history as well as the pay periods on the app itself. They can also decide to set a minimum amount for a payout in their profile settings.

Well, I guess you better get that money! Or another content creator will. With something as easy as FansRevenue, there is literally no excuse to not make more money with your following.

Join other content creators who are already reaping the benefit$! Find out more on FansRevenue here.

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